Forget your pains, Leave aside pressures, Do not take any tension, Now, Relax and Manage lubrication of your machine/plant/equipment etc. seating at your work place WITH Multiple Port Pump.

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MAITREYA ENTERPRISES is founded in 1996 with the goal of supplying Quality Material with competitive rates to the manufacturers and end users of EDM & Wire Cut Machines in India. Our founder had prior working experience of 16 years in one of leading manufacturers of CNC Wire Cut Machines in India.

We manufacture / supply EDM accessories and spares of renowned make to most of the users in the country as well as exporting to some foreign customers too. We are dealers of Indian and some International Branded parts required for the industry.

We also manufacture machined Glass Epoxy Components (American NIMA Std.) as per customer’s drawings within 40 micron accuracy.

All the products are of highest quality standard and are available at very competitive price.

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As a part of innovation we have recently developed a “Multi Port Pump” which will be very useful for many industries for the purpose of lubrication and greasing of machinery / equipments. Maintaining all the standards that we follow, this product will also prove to be Unique of its kind with high performance, competitive price and low maintenance.

  • We have successfully installed our grease Pump in IFGL Refractories Limited. And the pump is running satisfactory. This is the certificate which received from them.


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Multiple Port Pump

Technical Specification
Model No. Resorvoir Capacity No. Of Pump Gear box reduction ratio Power of motor RPM Work Pressure
ME/FE/06/R 10 Ltr. 6 70:01:00 1/4 H.P. 3 Phase 2800 More than 300 kg/cm2
ME/FE/15/R 20 Ltr. 15 70:01:00 1/4 H.P. 3 Phase 2800 More than 300 kg/cm2
  • Construction machines
  • Paper plant, Forging hammers
  • Rubber Industries
  • Many more machineries
multipoint grease pump

Maitreya’s multiple port pump is a device to deliver predetermined amount of oil/grease from different plungers at high pressure to all lubrication points independently.

Multiple port pump is a single pumping station having a number of pump element assemblies placed radically.

These Pump elements are actuated by a cam, which is rotated by a speed reduction drive coupled to an electric motor. The dose of oil/grease can be adjusted by the pumping elements. The dose can also be adjusted by an adjusting screw provided in each pump element. Maximum 15 pump elements can be fitted into the housing which is used to lubricate the points independently.

The capacity of reservoir can be either 10 Lit. or 20 Lit. It is provided with a reflector plate, which continuously stirs the grease during rotation of cam. For filling grease in to reservoir, a port in the housing is provided. The system is meant for continuously running. However, these types of lubricators rim intermittently through controller

Used in industries

Multiple ports pump is best suited for machines / Equipments / Plants where lubrication is required with high pressure and either continuously or intermittently for individual point. To mention some of these are machine / plant like rolling mill, sugar plant, cement plant, rubber mixing machine, forging hammer, stone crusher, sponge iron plant etc.

Wind Mills

Hydro Turbine

Steel Mills

Cement Plant

Sugar Industries


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